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Burglary Claims

A burglary is very complex insurance problem; different policy limits apply for different items and there are often specific conditions which apply to the policy as a whole. On top of this you will be suffering the trauma & distress caused by a stranger violating your personal space.

This is often compounded by a Loss Adjuster who will probe and dig into not only the circumstances of the claim, but also into your background, which can often be as traumatic and degrading as the burglary itself.

We will help you properly classify and quantify your loss, demonstrate the possession & ownership of the stolen items, submit & negotiate the claim on your behalf and obtain the 
maximum benefit available under the terms of your policy.

burglary2.jpgLoss Adjusters are keen to save Insurers money by arranging direct replacement of goods and jewellery. We are there to ensure that any proposed replacements are of the same standard & quality as you have lost and if you want a cash settlement, then this can be made in accordance with the terms of your policy.

We have links with specialist companies so that whether your claim requires a jewellery appraiser or an alarm expert we are able to call upon the services of specialist companies that we have been working alongside for many years and we can trust.

In commercial settings we also deal with the business interruption or loss of profit aspect of the claim.Our early involvement in a claim means that we can steer a claim in the direction that best