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If you make an insurance claim after a fire, burglary, flood, storm, impact or following subsidence, your Insurance Company will not deal with it themselves. Instead they will send a Loss Adjuster whose job it is to protect their interests. 

Our role is to protect your interests by managing & guiding you through the claim process. Apart from relieving the stress and aggravation which a claim inevitably brings, we will deal with all the necessary paperwork & administration, telephone calls, meetings and negotiations with Loss Adjusters. We effectively & efficiently manage your claim on a day to day basis steering you through the procedures and making sure you receive every last penny that is due.

A Loss Adjuster can never be truly independent as they are paid by the insurance company to deal with the claim on their behalf. Because of this they will always be looking to minimise any claim. We are there to ensure that you are paid everything to which you are entitled. As our fees are a percentage of the claim settlement it ensures that our focus is to recover as much on behalf of our client as possible. There is no fee payable if a claim is unsuccessful.

Your insurance policy is a contract between you & your insurance company, and we find that most people have never bothered to read this contract, let alone try and make sense of it. We understand the terms that are used in the policy and their meaning in the context of your claim. Your Insurers will not tell you what you can claim for, only what they will not cover. Without professional representation you will be learning as you go along, which could have disastrous financial consequences.

As a company we have been managing insurance claims from start to finish for both domestic and commercial clients for over 30 years. This is a specialist area in which we have considerable resources & experience. During this time we have established good working relationships with Loss Adjusters and have an excellent reputation of which we are proud.

Our involvement in a claim from the start means that we can steer a claim in the direction that best suits the circumstances of our Client. It is very easy to do or say something to Loss Adjusters in all innocence that prejudices a claim. Our involvement from the start can mean a very different outcome. 

Despite our preference to become involved in a claim right from the start, we do become involved in existing claims that are either at stalemate, stalled or not progressing satisfactorily. We are often able to resolve the difficulties that our Clients have encountered, and successfully resolve their claim.

Every claim is different and we are happy to discuss individual claims to see if our involvement will make a positive difference. Please feel free to contact Anthony Peters on 08456 44 85 44 for any help or advice. We are always happy to chat through any issues with prospective Clients without any obligation